The Will of the Force

The Order of the Lost, a small group of Force-sensitives on the planet of Dantooine, recently discovered that an Inquisitor was in their midst and sent word of the Order’s existence back to the Empire. Even though the group isn’t very powerful the Empire views any such group as a threat, so there is still a grave risk of these Force-sensitives being killed, or worse. Some of the members have sent word to the Rebel Alliance that they have a tool that can be used to help eliminate the threat to the galaxy the Empire poses. Eager for any advantage they can get, the Rebel High Command sends in Cobalt Squad to eliminate the Imperial threat to the Order of the Lost.
The battle starts off well with Cobalt Squad successfully pulling an attacking squad of stormtroopers away from the camp of Force-sensitives, but quickly shifts balance. The stormtrooper squad rallies and nearly eliminates all of Cobalt Squad, leaving only Lieutenant Talley and Mika Darkstar, Yonayawisgi and Zuko Darnova, and once again endangering the Order.
The Balmorra Runners, two brothers, Captain Jake and Jedrek Brimstar, who lost all they had to the Empire, Seeguar, who dared to steal from Teemo the Hutt, and Kerrek, who made a deal with Teemo for some information, found themselves under the employ of Teemo. Thoroughly disgruntled by each of their situations they resigned themselves to their fate of possibly never leaving their employer and take up yet another smuggling job for the crime lord.
Thankfully the Will of the Force has other plans for all three groups.
The Balmorra Runners, who were on the planet smuggling for Teemo, stumble upon the battle and aid Cobalt Squad in eliminating the rest of the stormtrooper squad. Cobalt Squad thank the Runners and Talley gives Jake a coded frequency to contact him if they ever wish to join the Alliance. Talley and the remaining squad members make their way to the extraction point without any further complications.

Upon the elimination of the Imperial threat, the Order of the Lost learn that their former mentor, Hethan Romund, has been kidnapped, while the Runners continue their dealings for Teemo. As the Runners are packing up, the Order of the Lost run across the Runners, unaware of their assistance to Cobalt Squad, and the Runners unaware that this group is the one Cobalt Squad came to assist. The Order book passage with the Runners to Spintir, to rescue their former mentor.

(Force and Destiny Beginner Game and Follow-up adventure)

Upon Cobalt Squad’s return to the Rebellion, and the squad’s loss of its former commander, SpecForce Command chooses a new commander of Cobalt Squad, Talley Darkstar, and as a test makes the squad a four man team. Even as the Squad is recommissioned, a new threat to the Alliance is discovered…Whisper Base, a secret Imperial listening outpost.

(Age of Rebellion Beginner Game and Follow-up adventure)

Having to return to Teemo, but emboldened by their independent success on Dantooine, the Balmorra Runners make their way back to Tatooine while hatching a plan to escape their servitude to the Hutt…

(Edge of the Empire Beginner Game and Follow-up adventure)

Little do any of the groups know that it is the Will of the Force to have their next adventures bring them together once again, saviors and the saved.

The Will of the Force

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