Cobalt Squad


Cobalt Squad, the official designation in SpecForce, was a crack squad of nine soldiers, after the massacre on Dantooine, Rebel High Command decided to make the squad a smaller unit, consisting of the four remaining Cobalt Squad members. Talley was promoted to the commanding officer, Mika as medic, Yonayawisgi as reconnaissance specialist, and Zuko as their Computer and Electronics Specialist (Slicer). Their first test as a new unit was Takeover at Whisper Base and Operation: Shadowpoint. With a successful completion of the objective, Rebel High Command instituted Cobalt Squad as a four man unit.

Alliance SpecForce:
2nd Division, 3rd Regiment (Urban Combat Specialists), Aurek Company, 1st Platoon, Cobalt Squad

Former members of Cobalt Squad:
Field Commander – Jaxon Brand – Male Human – Deceased
Heavy Weapons Specialist – Doleth – Male Duros – Deceased
Demolitions Specialist – RA-7-D Male Persona Droid – Deceased
Vehicular Combat Specialist – Dero Jin – Male Sullustan – Deceased

Current Members:
Senior Lieutenant Talley Darkstar Personnel: 15 / Combat Victory: 5
Lt. Mika Darkstar Personnel: 13 / Support: 12
Lt. Yonayawisgi Resource Acquisition: 20 / Combat Victory: 5
Lt. Zuko Darnova Intelligence: 15 / Counter-Intelligence: 5

Group’s Duty Rating: 0
Group’s Contribution Rank: 1

Group Resources
Whisper Base
Krayt Fang
The Nilos (Lambda Shuttle)
12 Aratech 74-ZB speeder bikes

Group Possessions
10 Imperial Rations
10 canteens of water
5 Imperial dress uniforms
30m spool of thick steel wire
5 suits of Stormtrooper Armor
7 Blaster Rifles
3 Frag Grenades
6 vibroblades

Group Contacts
Major Lon Tharik – Human Whisper Base Commander
Doma Corrand – Alliance Slicer
Senior Advisor Setenna Hase – Human Diplomat
Nyir Shayl’sil – Bothan Spy
Phen Foll – Quarren Agitator

Cobalt Squad

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