Balmorra Runners

One afternoon as the Bith band continue to rant the same tune over and over for some big tipping Ithorian who lost his herd ship, the Brimstars are approached by a scrawny Rodian named Notso who has valuable cargo he’s willing to part with, if they bring plenty of credits to the cantina later tonight, perhaps a deal can be arranged.

Returning to the cantina later, Notso explains that he knows how to get a cargo of espionage matrices for use in protocol and servant droids. Notso wants 10,000 credits for the cargo of 50 matrices. Jake knowing what they are realizes the cargo is worth about 5 times that on the black market. With prodding, Notso reveals that this cargo belonged to a careless spacer (Seeguar) who was arrested by customs for smuggling. The spacer is now sitting in the police station. The police don’t have enough officers to guard the cargo, so it’s still in a docking bay behind locked doors, undelivered and unclaimed. While Notso is wrapping up his explanation, he is interrupted by a menacing looking Carratosian, whom the brothers learn a minutes later, goes by the name Kerrek. The Carratosian snarls a Notso, pulling him away from the table. The Carratosian tells the Brimstars that Notso has a very important meeting now. Kerrek drags Notso out the back door into the alley and drills him for information. The Rodian tells everything to Kerrek including that the Empire is due to arrive to take Seeguar into custody but swears he didn’t tip off customs. While this goes on, Jedrek from the shadows says to Kerrek “Going to be difficult getting your friend Seeguar out of jail before the Imperials arrive” Kerrek turns to look at Jedrek with quite an angry look and drops Notso who flees away, and gruffly says “ Here’s the deal. You help me rescue Seeguar, I’ll give give you 10 of those matrices on the condition you sell them off world.” Jedrek says “Why off world?” Kerrek replies “My boss won’t like this deal as it is, but compared to losing the cargo and Seeguar to the Imperials, I don’t see him having much of a choice. And you selling them here, will definitely put marks on both your heads.”

After meeting up with Jake back in the cantina Jedrek and Kerrek give him the details. Jake looking up just enough to see his eyes from under the brim of his hat, says “You know what this calls for…” Both Jedrek and Jake at the same time say “Balmorra shuffle”. Kerrek replies “What is a Balmorra shuffle?” The next morning multiple explosions blast the Customs Prefect office as well as the dewback stables causing a stampede through the city and several alarms begin to sound around the customs office. The police station soon empties as all units are called out leaving only one officer to man the station. Sneaking in to the station Kerrek stuns the officer while the Brimstars sabotage the station computers and surveillance systems. Kerrek finds Seeguar’s cell and blasts the door open. Seeguar looks at Kerrek with relief “What took so long.” As the four run out the door Seeguar grabs his gear and say’s “docking bay 93”. As they make there way to the landing bay, a squad of stormtroopers turn the corner to move towards them and the newly formed group quickly turn around only to find another squad of stormtroopers have moved right up behind them. Thinking they’re trapped with no where to hide, Kerrek, Seeguar, and the Brimstar brothers begin to surrender when all the troopers just pass them by like they weren’t there. Seeguar looking at them says “what are you guys doing?”. Looking around at each other Jedrek replies “The stormtrooper ran by us like we were invisible” Seeguar say’s “Well of course, didn’t you guys hear? They’re busy looking for renegade droids.” As they walk up to the docking bay doors Kerrek stops them “Wait! That’s 94 we need 93. There it is across the street.”

Jake Brimstar
Jedrek Brimstar

Group’s Obligation Value: 60

Group Resources:
Krayt Fang
Whisper Base

Group Posessions:
Parts for an R2 unit

Group Contacts:
Crak’dava – Twi’lek Black Marketeer
Mickey G – Rodian Infochant
Slyssk – Trandoshan Arms Dealer
The Storyteller – Human Slicer
? (The Countess) – Human Smuggler Baroness

Balmorra Runners

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