Talley Darkstar




Rank: SpecForce Senior Lieutenant, 2nd Division, 3rd Regiment (Urban Combat Specialists), Aurek Company, 1st Platoon, Cobalt Squad

Career: Commander Specialization(s): Tactician

Soak Value: 3 Wounds (Threshold/Current): 14/0 Strain (Threshold/Current): 13/0 Defense (Ranged/Melee): 0/0, Force Rating: 0

Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 3 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 3 Presence: 3

General Skills
Astrogation (Int): 0 , Athletics (Br): 0 , Brawl (Br): 0 , Charm (Pr): 1 , Coercion (Will): 1 , Computers (Int): 0 , Cool (Pr): 2 , Coordination (Ag): 0 , Deception (Cun): 0 , Discipline (Will): 2 , Leadership (Pr): 4 , Mechanics (Int): 0 , Medicine (Int): 0 , Negotiation (Pr): 1 , Perception (Cun): 1 , Piloting – Planetary (Ag): 0 , Piloting – Space (Ag): 0 , Resilience (Br): 0 , Skulduggery (Cun): 0 , Stealth (Ag): 0 , Streetwise (Cun): 0 , Survival (Cun): 0 , Vigilance (Will): 2

Combat Skills
Brawl (Br): 1 , Gunnery (Ag): 0 , Lightsaber (Br): 0 , Melee (Br): 0 , Ranged – Heavy (Ag): 2 , Ranged – Light (Ag): 1

Knowledge Skills
Core Worlds (Int): 0 , Education (Int): 0 , Lore (Int): 0 Outer Rim (Int): 0 , Underworld (Int): 0 , Warfare (Int): 3 , Xenology (Int): 0

Other Skills
Cybernetics (Int): 0

Commanding Presence x1 – Remove one per rank of Commanding Presence from Leadership and Cool checks.
Toughened x1 – Gain +2 to Wound Threshold per rank.
Outdoorsman x1 – Removes one per rank to move through terrain or to manage terrain or environmental effects. Decrease overland travel times by 50% (this does not decrease with additional ranks of Outdoorsman).
Side Step x1 – Once per round on the character’s turn, the character may perform a Side Step maneuver to try to avoid incoming ranged attacks. He then suffers a number of strain no greater than his ranks in Side Step. Until the start of the character’s next turn, upgrade the difficulty of all ranged combat checks targeting the character a number of times equal to the strain suffered by the character.

PERSONNEL – 10 – More than machines, credits, or information, the people of the Alliance are the most important and vital assets there are, and Talley knows this. He is devoted to seeing to their safety, well-being, and capacity for success. No one should ever be left behind, the most successful missions might not achieve every goal, but they are successful nonetheless when no one dies.

COMBAT VICTORY – 10 – Talley is driven to show that the Alliance can hold its own against Imperial forces in any troop vs. troop engagement. He wants to engage the Empire’s military – their best, whenever possible – and provide more victories for the Alliance to tout to the galaxy as proof it can ultimately win the war. This means daring raids, excellent tactics, and acquiring the best firepower possible.

REPUTATION AMONG ALLIANCE: New Recruit or untested collaborator, still under suspicion. Gets Access to basic equipment and vehicles. Recruit to corporal rank

REPUTATION AMONG EMPIRE: Faceless Rebel scum. Little intelligence value if captured. Re-education possible, otherwise imprisonment. Not worth the effort to hunt down individuals.

BELIEFTHE REPUBLIC – Talley believes in the Republic and all it stood for. He is determined to restore it in all its glory (and what it was before corruption set in).

QUESTFREEDOM – Talley sees all Imperial rule as a form of slavery over the entire galaxy, Talley is driven to bring freedom to all. He serves in the Alliance for the sake of liberty, which means he will be watching carefully for any signs that the Rebellion might replace one form of tyranny with another.

Group Resource: Base of Operations “Whisper Base”

Credits – 52, Commander’s Uniform (Heavy Clothing, +1 Soak), Imperial Military Pack (Cumbersome 2, adds 6 to Encumbrance Threshold), Utility Belt (adds 1 to Encumbrance Threshold), Comlink (handheld), Binders, 4 Field Ration Packs, 2 Imperial Army Canteens – 2 Enc, Electrobinoculars – 1 Enc, Datapad – 1 Enc, Military Field Manual – 1 Enc, 2 Glow Rods – 2 Enc, 1 Extra Reload – 1 Enc, E-11 Blaster Rifle – 4 Enc – Damage: 9, Skill: Ranged – Heavy, Crit , Range: Long, Hard Points 4, Mods: None, Special: Stun Setting

Encumbrance Threshold: 9/14

3 Extra Reloads – 3 Enc, 2 Breath Masks – 2 Enc, Imperial Military Uniform (Heavy Clothing, +1 Soak) – 3 Enc (0 when worn) , Stormtrooper Armor (Laminate Armor +2 Soak) – 4 Enc (0 when worn), DL-18 Light Blaster Pistol – 1 Enc – Damage: 5, Skill: Ranged-Light, Crit: , Range: Medium, Hard Points: 2, Mods: None, Special: Stun Setting, Merr-Sonn Vibroblade-2 – 1 Enc – Damage: Brawn +1, Skill: Melee, Crit: , Range: Engaged, Hard Points: 2, Mods: None, Special: Pierce 1, Vicious 2, EE-3 Blaster Carbine – 3 Enc – Damage: 9, Skill: Ranged-Heavy, Crit: , Range: Medium, Hard Points: 2, Mods: None, Special: Stun Setting, 20m of synthrope, 2 Medpacs – 4 Enc

Total XP: 235
Available XP: 5


“We walk the line between life and death. Endure the pain of choices we have to make and survive the battle to take back our lives. We are soldiers and we will fight.”

Age: 29
Born: 30 BBY (5:10:27 Great ReSynchronization Calendar)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 1.83m (6ft)
Weight: 79kg (174 lbs)
Build: Athletic

He has dark brown hair that is closely cropped military fashion and bright blue eyes. He has an athletic build. During ceremonies, he wears the standard Rebel uniform. When he isn’t at ceremonies, he’s in camouflage fatigues, black undershirt, black boots and black gloves and around his waist is a cartridge belt. In very heated combat he is sometimes seen in marine armor.




Born into a military and political family on Imperial Center (Coruscant), Talley was born to Krage and Liana Darkstar three years after the Trade Federation was stopped at the Battle of Naboo, the same battle of Naboo where and when Palpatine got elected as Supreme Chancellor. His family comes from a long line of service men and women and can trace his family lineage quite a ways back, as Senators and diplomats on his father’s side and bodyguards and military servicemen on his mother’s side. In fact, that’s how his parents met. His father was a diplomat, his mother was his father’s bodyguard. Talley was born and bred in the ideals of the Republic. He and his family witnessed the rise of Palpatine, the Clone Wars and the extermination of the Jedi and the rise of the Rebel Alliance.

But Palpatine changed all that. Now, Talley is a hardened soldier for the Rebel Alliance; nothing will stand in his, or his squad’s way of returning peace to the galaxy or die trying to protect those they serve. He has continued in his father’s footsteps by serving all manner of aliens and humans alike for the freedom of all. Though he does believe in the Republic, he’s not stupid and knows that even good people are not always good and has seen many friends whose ideals were the same as his, commit terrible acts and he too has committed things that he’s not proud of. It is something everyone must do every day especially in this day and age. He believes that order is paramount to returning the galaxy to its former glory, he believes all species should be a part of that change, not just one so-called “emperor”.

At the time of hearing of the Corellian Resistance, Talley started planning on joining them, but he knew that if he just up and moved there, he and his family could be threatened by the Empire, so he had to legitimize moving to Corellia and for the next couple of years by making connections with some Corellians.

Talley and Mika met during their time as a freedom fighters in the Corellian Resistance. Talley as a Tactician and Mika as a combat medic.

A few years later, when the Alliance to Restore the Republic was formed from the Corellian Treaty, Talley joined the Rebel Alliance, he, just like others who joined had his specialty, his was natural born leadership, tactics and strategy, little did he know, that those things would pay off later in his life as a soldier for the Alliance. When he joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, his squad and his superiors were amazed at how well he theorized enemy movements and how he would direct the rest of his squad and he was quickly transferred to Alliance Special Forces Cobalt Squad.

For the next couple of years, Talley and Cobalt Squad struck against the Empire. Then, a group on the planet of Spintir, call and request assistance in protecting them from the Empire, saying that they have a tool that can help defeat the Empire.

Despite all he’s done and knows, it doesn’t mean he’s haughty about it. He sees himself more as just another person in the machine called freedom and he won’t ask a subordinate to do something he himself wouldn’t do. When the shooting starts he steps up, but in his off time, he’s quiet and reserved, letting the rest of the squad carry on. It’s not to say he doesn’t have a good time, it’s just that he knows when it’s appropriate and how far to go or not go. His basic and secondary education was just like any other kid his age, except each night his father would tell him stories about the glorious Old Republic and how diplomacy and talking actually meant something before the Clone Wars. Another thing to note is that he is also an accomplished X-Wing pilot. Whether it be ground or space, Talley and his squad get whatever mission is needed, accomplished.

Lt. Mika Darkstar
Lt. Yonayawisgi
Lt. Zuko Darnova
Captain Jake Brimstar
Jedrek Brimstar

Takeover at Whisper Base
Operation: Shadowpoint

Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era

Corellian Resistance
Alliance to Restore the Republic

Talley Darkstar

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